Using Real Stories to Create Impressive Inbound Marketing

What makes truly alluring marketing?

That’s a question with a number of different answers. Chances are, however, you’ll find one of those answers to be ‘authenticity’. Great marketing makes people want to pay attention, want to grab hold of you, and feel a sense of urgency. Great inbound marketing tells a person that you (or your company) KNOW what they need and that you’re the best person to do it for them when they need it. Many times, a personal story alone can be the last push you need to beat out the competition.

But what if your brand story is full of heartache, trouble, and failure? Easy – you tell it anyway.

We’ve talked about the cult of cynicism going on these days – a real story helps navigate that. After all, your inbound marketing should explain why and how you hope to solve your lead’s problem, right? So giving your lead a view into your ability to solve real problems opens up the dialogue in a way that no other marketing strategy can.

Some great examples of ways to use real stories of failure to create amazing inbound marketing (sometimes without even meaning to):

Tell the Truth

You struggled. Your brand went from absolutely nothing to more nothing to finally breaking the ice a bit. You almost went bankrupt – twice. And you feel your face turn a little red whenever you think about the absolute horror that was your origin story.

The thing is, people need to hear these types of stories to succeed. They need to know that it’s possible to suffer through the muck and make it out without turning into the Swamp Thing. Inbound marketing is all about showing people your bad side right along with your good. A story about overcoming bankruptcy shows your clients the dedication you have to your business and growing it. 


Tell Your Story as it Happens

Still facing some hiccups? There’s nothing more endearing than being honest (we’re not talking whining about your bank account – but lamenting the struggles of ordering stock that ran out on a Saturday can resonate with key clients). Add little tidbits about your work, and certain things you struggle with, in conversations. Let them know that you are still human, you are still working, and you will do even better work for them.

As we say all the time, people want their brands to be human.


Ask for Reviews That Tell a Story

Case studies are amazing for marketing across the board. Get in the practice of asking for detailed reviews from happy clients. You want your leads to get an accurate depiction of your brand’s temperament and problem-solving abilities. This is especially the case when you have to overcome obstacles to achieve the best results for your clients.

For example, think of a marketer who hit brick walls through the first two months of their client’s social media campaign. After the second month the client can’t even keep up – the campaign ends up being a remarkable success. The client is happy, the marketer is happy, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Should the marketer leave the part where the campaign was crawling out of the case study?

That part of the story shows determination and overall strength of the marketer. It’s an integral part of the story and definitely belongs in the case study.


Your Leads Are Just Like You

Things aren’t always going to go well and any actual business owner you speak to will understand this. Sometimes, pretending your brand has gone through its existence with absolutely no hurdles can be a bit untrustworthy.

People appreciate originality more than anything these days. Your story, your REAL story, is original and full of the type of confirmation your leads need to hear. Over everything, sharing your unique story can show people that you have the ability to ride out a storm.


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