Inbound Marketing Across Generations

The Cult of ‘Leave Me Alone’

Cynicism seems to prevail these days.

It’s everywhere – an unavoidable distaste with anything to do with being sold to, being marketed to, and worst of all, being targeted in general. It’s especially prominent with all the unpopular company decisions (See Verizon cutting unlimited and Evernote’s privacy policy fiasco) Did we mention the large amount of companies getting hacked repeatedly (Yahoo for example)? It seems like a never ending cycle of your personal information not being secure, the consumer not coming first, and companies trying to cover their own tracks. It’s no wonder brand loyalty is a hard thing to come across these days!

Another factor is a huge difference in lifestyles between generations. The American Dream of the past is just that – the past. Many people can’t afford peace of mind and end up mostly apathetic to brands promising it. Millennials are a huge proponent of this apathy – they are more interested in brands that are people and consumer driven. And, honestly, they are more interested in brands that don’t feel like brands. 

This isn’t the end of the world for marketers. This just means that you have to work a bit harder to be what every generation wants:

  • Trusted
  • Wanted
  • Relevant


Inbound Marketing makes marketing across generations an easy task. With inbound marketing, you don’t have to worry whether you’re preaching to the wrong choir. It saves on marketing costs by encouraging potential clients to come to you instead of you going to them (imagine how many trees are breathing sighs of relief from your abandoned print ads).


How can Inbound Marketing Help?

Different aspects of inbound marketing appeal to different subsets of people. This can be broken up a number of ways, including by generation and industry.

  • Blogging, Whitepapers, Articles, etc

A popular part of today’s culture consists of reading, whether we admit it or not. Even people who wouldn’t usually pick up a book in an entire year spend a large percentage of their time reading and sharing blogs, articles, and opinion pieces. Millennials especially like to tune in and see what other people think and feel, understand how things work, and learn something new when they click a link. Being able to teach yourself a large variety of skills on the go is a huge motivator in today’s world (which is why you always want to offer at least some valuable information for free on your site).

Both busy Millennials and older generations enjoy a bit of length – 900 quality-driven words is the current sweet spot. This is especially true of people who are retired – if your content is informational and interesting, you’ll gain plenty of fans.

Along with podcasts, blogging and whitepapers are the best way to get your name (or your company’s name) out as a thought leader in your industry. 


  • Podcasts and Videos

Radio isn’t dead – it’s just evolved. A very popular way to get your point across is the podcast. Your personality plays a huge part in how your podcasts and videos are received. Live Facebook and Twitter videos, for instance, are perfect for a generation that respects emotions and experience more than stock advertising. While not ineffective, videos are a bigger success for younger generations than ones entering their senior years. You have to follow where the trust was built and solidified: podcasts have more of a radio feel.

Combining expert knowledge, a great personality, and invaluable tips and tricks will snag the attention of all multiple generations of leads.


  • Case Studies

The case study is still an effective way of proving your worth, especially for older generations. In fact, it might be one of the more effective ways to bring in clients from generations that were brought up on word of mouth, print ads, and effective copy. A case study shows what you did right, how, and with who.


  • Social Media Marketing

These days, pretty much everyone you know is active on some sort of social media. As with any other type of marketing, Millennials can be attracted with great design as well as information. Older generations appreciate valuable statistics – Millennials tend to be skeptical. Depending on the social network, you have the potential to reach your leads in the comfort of their homes, on their commutes to and from work, and more. Generationally speaking, the design and feel of you ads or posts will play a role in determining if you’re taken seriously or not. It might work better to target specific generations with numerous tailored ads. Take that into consideration when you’re carefully planning your social strategies.

At the end of the day, your inbound marketing is about selling your company’s ability to help by painting you as an industry leader. For Millennials, you’re also sharing your company’s style, ability to adapt, and personality. It may seem tricky to connect with so many different ages, ideals, and upbringings, but inbound marketing is essential in this journey. Reach across generations and market in a way that is relatable, authentic, and impresses your leads. It’s all about YOUR BRAND these days, so treat it like a king.


RareAgent lives to market across generations for your mid-sized business! Contact us for social campaigns, training, outsourced marketing, and all types of inbound marketing strategies.


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