Modern Prospecting Software for Calling

Modern Prospecting Software for Calling?


At RareAgent, we train marketing and sales teams pretty often. One of the topics of study happens to be software – especially when it comes to creating campaigns that are cost efficient. Calling software helps immensely in a prospecting campaign – the modern world of calling is much easier to navigate. Your prospecting efforts now have software, endless research options, and more potential to succeed. This gives you more time to work on your messaging and scripts, train your agents, and prepare them to close more sales. The software available today can help you build your own accurate and up-to-date lists, compile valuable information, and keep notes.

What tools might you need to create an effective calling campaign that gives you ROI you can get behind? While we have many resources at our disposal, a quick list of go-to’s never hurts.

You might want to consider tools that directly enhance:


  • Research
  • List Building
  • Customer Relationship Managers (CRM)
  • Appointment Setting


Research Your Leads


What do you know about your target leads? When you’re looking for an individual and need more contact info, it helps to have tools that aid in detailed research. Use one of these tools to find out more before and during prospecting:






Collect Email Addresses


Do you have the email addresses that your leads use for business? There are a number of ways to look up the right email address, and great tools exist for just that purpose:







Build a List


There’s no one to call if you don’t have a list. Buying lists can get expensive – they’re not always up to date, either. These tools help with building quality lists with accurate information for your calling campaign:


Ninja Outreach






One huge part of a successful calling campaign is keeping your agents informed. Each call should be notated expertly so that the next agent knows exactly what’s going on (or so the same agent knows where they left off). We wholeheartedly recommend Salesforce to handle that job. It also proves invaluable for keeping records of pertinent information – emails, phone numbers, company information, etc.




So, your agent made a sale! Great. Now when are you going to take the call/visit/whatever other action your agent arranged? Use an appointment setting tool or calendar to set up a meeting quickly and effortlessly:




Google Calendar


This is a very basic starter list – find the best software for you and stick with it (and try to avoid software overload – you don’t need everything, after all). And be sure to check back with RareAgent for more tips and lists to help get you through your prospecting. We’ve been there (and still are there, technically)!


RareAgent has been creating cash conversations with marketing, training, and contacting campaigns since 2005. Contact us to find expert prospecting solutions that work. Ready to Call but not sure where to start? We can help train your team to get the work done:


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