Prospecting – Beat the Deep Psychological Barrier to Strong Prospecting in Your Sales People

Be Safer! Beat the Deep Psychological Barrier to Strong Prospecting in Your Sales People, Or Suffer the Consequences

“Successful people do what other are not willing or able to do.”—The Slight Edge

“You can’t hit ‘em if you can’t see ‘em.”—Yogi

Apply the Judo Principle™: Harness a force for you versus being damaged by it. Only 10% A-Player Sales Managers will get this competitive opportunity, and act on it.


There is a deep psychological calculation that blocks good prospecting, resulting in negative sales impacts. BUT, it can be reversed once understood and defeated.  Doing so is a Sales Manager’s responsibility.

It is a fact that your team can’t sell more if it is not in the door more. Thus, sales results Safety is a direct function of more good prospects at the top-of-the-funnel.  It all starts there. Or, ends there. Overcoming the deep emotional blockage to great prospecting is the key. A-players Managers will do so.

Yet, by far, the most just focus is on how to sell once in the door. These popular sales books are about 98% on how to sell once in the door, yet are popular. They mean nothing, however, if not in the door first.

judo RAWhy is there a psychological calculation that blocks great prospecting, resulting in negative sales impacts? WHAT CAN SALES MANAGEMENT DO TO NOT ONLY AVOID THIS LIMITATION BUT TURN IT INTO A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE VERSUS COMPETITIVE SALES FORCES?

Identifying The Deep Blockage Cause
You must overcome a deep prospecting blockage that no one will acknowledge but is omnipotent. From Neuroscientists, in Primordial B2B Sales Management several Reptilian Brian-level “Primal Drives™” are identified that deeply, and secretly, control ALL that humans do, far below the awareness level, and far faster than conscious thought’s speed. This “iceberg” graphic shows the deep, controlling nature of the Primal Drives, and their control of the resulting sub-conscious, values, emotions, etc.

neuro science brain

One of six Primal Drives is the drive to Conserve Energy and Optimize Time Use. Prospecting, when often done wrong, as most often occurs, runs head-on into that Primal Drive barrier. The output from the input effort is just not worth it, especially for phone contacting (the best option when done right). Prospecting quality is not achieved due to that deep input-output calculation. Too few good prospects result, leading to fewer sales closes than needed for job (your) security.

The Antidote… For Achieving High Results Prospecting

Purposely harnessing the Primal Drives for you is an antidote (the opposite is being a victim of the Primal Drives). Sales persons must feel that efforts (inputs) are getting good (output) results. Then they will do it. The key is to get people trained correctly, or outsourcing to highly trained prospectors. Many good lead handoffs can then be “worked.”

B2B selling is P2P selling (People to People). Getting a Decider or Recommender personal appointment scheduled is THE KEY. Then selling can begin. For doing so, great, trained or outsourced phone prospecting can be better than:

  • Risky dependence on Marketing for leads; and ultimately requires phone contacting even if a dialogue is started.
  • Resorting to Social Media Contacting, which is perceived to be easier, but results in few actual appointments; and ultimately requires phone contacting even if a social dialogue is started.

How to get phone prospecting embraced? RareAgent’s agents have been trained on SOAR Selling, and RareAgent can facilitate SOAR Selling training for employees. Here is a testimonial video in regard to how powerful SOAR is for prospecting.

Break the back of phone prospecting reluctance! It works, and will set you apart from competitors’ poor prospecting skills. For more information, contact us at 770.367.2795 or download our resource guides.

Larry Duckworth, Chief Strategic Officer Consultant

Larry has authored Primordial Leadership©, plus three Amazon ebooks. He holds an MBA (with honors) and his coaching style is highly motivational. He is a SOAR Selling instructor and has 35+ years under his belt as a serial C-level Marketing and Sales executive of private and public companies, along with having taught at three universities and for private equity. His hands-on experience about what works… and does not comes from being a principle in 16 M&A transactions (exits and acquisitions) and several capital attraction programs, including for private and public companies.

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