5 Tips to Building Lead Demand – Metaphorically Speaking


“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” Robert Kiyosaki

1.     Don’t Jump Without a Parachute – You don’t jump out of a plane unprepared, why would you leap into a lead gen program without the proper help and instructions?  You might stumble and hurt yourself, both financially and emotionally.  Admit your clueless on where or how to start a program – go tandem with an instructor

2.       CSI to Stay Alive – any good detective knows he must preserve his crime scene investigation.  He must follow the evidence.  Think of your target profile and buyers as a crime scene investigation.  Evidence leads you to places; places lead you to people, and people to events.  Knowing what evidence to collect on your target profile and buyers will provide you with a wealth of information.

Lead Demand - Picture
Riding Cowboy!

3.       A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words – As Anne Miller states, “Metaphoric openers seize attention because they are unexpected.”  Use emotion, paint pictures in your buyers’ minds, and address their fears.  As Anne says, “emotion that goes unacknowledged will remain a distraction you otherwise won’t be able to overcome for the duration of your engagement…personalizing your remarks will immediately endear you to your listeners.”  Develop content that will remain in your buyers’ minds; YouTube Videos, Viral Marketing, Quotes, Thought Leaders, etc.

4.       Buyers’ Traffic Patterns – Whenever you go on a trip, you have a starting point and an ending point.  As you start to think of your trip, you think about what route to take, how you will get there, where to stay, what the weather will be and what clothes to pack. Think about your buyers’ traffic patterns to learn what motivates them to do pre-project research, who do they follow, what motivates them, how do they find validation.  Is there a similar route that your prospects take when becoming a client?  Do they follow the same set of directions, i.e., download a white paper, attend a webinar, visit a website, and watch a specific YouTube video?

5.       Track Your Analytics  – We keep track of weather so that we can plan our actions in advance.   Scientists track all sorts of data about our weather and they analyze it daily and then provide to the general public to use accordingly.  Use analytics to determine your climate daily.

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Marge Bieler

Marge is the CEO and Founder of RareAgent and is currently writing her book, Social Ambassador. Her social prospecting methods have helped many of her clients. Specifically getting executives to take action on their requests, including the Chairman of the Board of Federal Express, CEO of LinkedIn and Founder of Salesforce.

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