Top 5 Reasons Why to Outsource Sales Prospecting

In today’s virtual world of noise, how do you uncover more “gold” (i.e., prospects) to fuel your business?   “Thar’s Gold em them thar hills!”  That’s what the miners would say during the 1849 Dahlonega, GA gold rush.   The miners would look for rust colored ore on the rock walls of the mines.  Once they found that rust colored ore, they got out their “picking” tools and picked away until they uncovered gold. Skilled outsourced prospectors uniquely and powerfully find the red, and the gold. Then you do the digging!

Many new Top-of-the-Funnel barriers exist than in the early to mid-2000s, and new state-of-the-art prospecting standards exist.

This includes highly specialized social media and, also, phone contacting expertises. These can be outsourced (growingly), and/or trained.

For training, how do you rapidly equip your sales teams on how to engage on social platforms while also understanding how to pick up the phone and successfully reach decision makers and high influencers up to 90% of the time, to drive “cash” conversation?  According to Larry Duckworth, noted C-executive and B2B Marketing and Sales author, prospecting skills are much different than in-the-door selling skills once an appointment is set, yet few understand and leverage that difference.”

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why Sales Executives outsource their prospecting:

#1  Revenues Safety | #2 Costs Per Sale | #3 Skillset and Results Speed | #4 Bandwidth and Results Speed | #5 Flexibility and Results Speed

Let’s review these reasons in greater detail:

#1 Revenues Safety ((From Neuroscience, achieving Safety is the first filter of the “Reptilian Brain”)

Achieving Sales results is high risk. You can’t control prospects like you can control costs. So, Safety mechanisms need to be put in place. “Quality is never out of style,” so getting to up to 90% of decision makers and high influencers is a critical Safety factor. Then in-the-door selling can begin once appointments are set. Such prospecting is a specialized risk. Metaphorically, you want to go to a specialist fversus a genrla practioner, to fix a specific problem. Yet, too many lump proexcting skills with in-the-door selling skills. Major Safety dangers aer the result… unnecessarily.

#2 Costs Per Sale

Unknown to most B2B leaders, ,there ae at least 15 costs of prospecting, with many hidden but very real. They are:

Obvious Ones:

* Wages *Commissions *Benefits *Taxes (FICA, etc.) * Paid non-work time (vacation, sick, maternity/paternity, personal days etc.)

Less Obvious (Hidden*) Costs… But Real! (ask the CFO)

*Office space *Office furniture, phone *Supplies *Utilities *Hiring *Training * Management time * Turnover replacement (and lost sales) *    Slower results vs. trained specialization TVM * Account Manager prospectors TVM costs

Skilled Outsourcers  remove ALL the Hidden Costs. You have to weigh your cost of doing in-house vs. using an outsourcer to ensure you get the intended return on your investment. The Results is 1+1=3; more prospecting success due to specialized skills, at much lower costs per sale.

* “Even if you have an internal team, there are often peaks and valleys in their activity or open territories without anyone to cover them. In these cases, there is a great benefit to always having someone on the bench ready to go,” said Trish Bertuzzi, president and chief strategist of The Bridge Group.

#3 Skillset and Results Speed

Social engagement and outbound calling requires a special skill set. Lots of seasoned salespeople are good in-the-door sellers and closers, but actually engaging on social platforms and picking up the phone, dialing, and connecting directly with a prospect requires a totally different skill set. Good closers aren’t necessarily comfortable starting a cold conversation with a prospect.

“Most outsourcers focus on the front-end of the sale and then turn it over to the client company to close,…” said Anneke Seley, CEO of Reality Works and author of Sales 2.0.

#4 Bandwidth and Results Speed

The other issue is bandwidth. There are only so many hours in a day and it is often more effective to have sales reps focus on those opportunities already in the sales funnel and leave the front-end work to someone else.

“Outsourcing can be a quick and easy way to get a pipeline-building organization up-and-running,” said Seley. “It can be very costly and take a long time to build this kind-of prospecting organization internally. With the right outsourcers, you can often see results in weeks rather than months.”

# 5 Flexibility and Results Speed

Using outsourcers also allows more flexibility when it comes to staffing for individual campaigns. Most salespeople responsible for quotas don’t have time to dedicate to programs created by product managers that don’t necessarily focus on where they normally focus. When it comes to staffing for these campaigns, outsourcers enable salespeople to focus on closing deals already in the pipeline.

“When a company is testing a new product or service and doesn’t want to spend a lot on infrastructure, using outsourcers for some piloting can be very cost effective,” Seley said. “Outsourcers are also a great resource for organizations decreasing headcount that need to keep their pipelines filled.”Also, Outsourcers can also be used to conduct market research, test a new message, or determine what customers are saying about your products or services so that you can uncover what resonates with them and how to more effectively answer their questions and objections.


Outsourcers can help with all five of these business objectives:

#1  Revenues Safety
#2 Costs Per Sale
#3 Skillset and Results Speed
#4 Bandwidth and Results Speed
#5 Flexibility and Results Speed

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Marge Bieler

Marge is the CEO and Founder of RareAgent and is currently writing her book, Social Ambassador. Her social prospecting methods have helped many of her clients. Specifically getting executives to take action on their requests, including the Chairman of the Board of Federal Express, CEO of LinkedIn and Founder of Salesforce. Her peers have recognized her as a force to be reckoned with in the areas of prospecting and social media. She has been awarded AA-ISP's Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals and 20 Women to Watch by SLMA. She enjoys blogging for AA-ISP, LinkedIn, KiteDesk, Open for Business and Pipeliner CRM.

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