Objections – Don’t Needlessly Let Them be Deal Breakers

Overcoming Objections – Turn Objections into Deal Energizers

Per the below graphic, a very important key step in prospecting success is to turn objections into deal energizers versus deal killers. You want to avoid finally get through guardians to a decision maker by generating interest using a compelling Value Statement, only to get stopped in your tracks because you can’t overcome the decision maker’s objections. We’ve all been there when developing our sales careers or leading B2B sales people.Gold Olympic Rings for Appt Setting


Preparation and skills are the key and here are some further insights in that regard.
Typical Objections:
Less than half of initial discussions with a decision maker go directly to appointments, which is the end-in-mind prospecting goal. While a specific objection might exist, generally six different types can be encountered:


  1. No budget or funds
  2. Too busy, no time to allocate resources
  3. Like current programs and or current providers
  4. Have had problems with YOUR company or the solution in the past
  5. Only do business with larger, more established companies

All of these can stop the an opportunity moving forward if not either moved to the side or, if possible, turned into deal energy.  How to do so is the “pixie-dust.”

Use the “Judo Principle ™!”

In Judo/Jujitsu the core concept is to use the opponent’s energy FOR YOU.   I learned this principle in the Army Military Police for hand-t0-hand combat.  The principle applies to handling objections; to turn problems into opportunities.  Here are some key pointers:

All B2B selling is actually P2P (People to People) selling. First, have your sales people read this book! It is chock full of ideas for people relationships, which is the bedrock of P2P selling.

book blog objections

Second, in Chapters Three it stresses that one should never get into an argument. No one wins. Self-discipline is needed to do so, but important. In earlier chapters Carnegie cites how Capone, Dillinger, etc. rationalized to themselves that they were just ordinary, good folks that were merely misunderstood. In reality they were killers. The key point is that no one wants to admit they are wrong, so going there when disagreeing with an objection is a no-mans-land venture. A desert with no water and poisonous scorpions and sidewinders all about.

Third, he cites Jesus’ advice to “Agree with thine adversaries quickly.” That is the starting point for turning an objection into a deal enhancer.

The key steps are:

  • # Agree with the objection’s validity, to bond versus repel
    # Find an over-arching, higher level truism principle to agree on (further bonding)
    # Creatively but effectively position your solution as the best relative to the principle
    # Back-fill to support that positioning
    # Move towards the next step, an appointment

Doing so is counter-intuitive. One of our Marketing Services is working with sales teams to learn, intrinsically, how to do this on the fly in their specific world. It can be trained, and must be trained.

For further information on all aspects of the above prospecting flow, download guides from our resource library, or  contact us at (770) 367.2795



Larry Duckworth

Larry is a decorated Army veteran and has authored Primordial Leadership©, plus three Amazon ebooks. He holds an MBA (with honors) and his coaching style is highly motivational. He is a SOAR Selling instructor and has 35+ years under his belt as a serial C-level Marketing and Sales executive of private and public companies, along with having taught at three universities and for private equity. His hands-on experience about what works… and does not comes from being a principle in 16 M&A transactions (exits and acquisitions) and several capital attraction programs, including for private and public companies.

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