6 Calling Hacks That Create Unstoppable Demand Generation

For such a simple concept, calling is mind-bogglingly complicated.

It’s impossible to give up once you’ve achieved success, though. We’re confident enough to say that calling (whether it’s cold or warm) helps with demand generation in ways that other sales methods can’t.   Understanding how calling works and coming up with solutions to common issues makes your selling technique that much stronger. It’s a timeless technique and understanding it will help you sell.

You can pull any significant skill in selling and find it rooted deep in the success of skills used in calling.  The strongest sellers encompass the drive, knowledge, confidence, tough skin, and research ability that make up the evolving world of selling. This new sales world we live in is chaotic and unforgiving, but cold callers are trained to let things roll off their shoulders.

To put it simply: callers and companies that use them are built for this, and calling campaigns are here to stay.

With a solid calling campaign, you can rocket through issues many marketers have with building demand. What are some of the ways that sellers and companies can maximize their success with calling? More importantly, if you had life-saving calling hacks from six top sellers, would you take their advice? Would you grow?

Here’s your chance to find out.

We asked our favorite sales masters to give us their top calling hack to make your calling campaigns that more worthwhile. Take this as sage advice from the masters (and we’ve compiled the perfect group for you). While you prep yourself for that calling campaign, get serious with these six calling hacks for the best demand generation:


Brynne Tillman, LinkedIn Whisper & CEO, Social Sales Link

1. Warm Them Up.

“My favorite hack is to warm them up before a cold call. Find them on LinkedIn, view their profile, follow them, engage on content that they’ve shared and even connect and share insights that would be valuable to them (not stuff about why they should hire you). Then make the call!”

Learn more from Brynne at socialsaleslink.com.


Michelle Cirocco, Chief Social Responsibility Officer, Televerde
Former CMO and VP of Customer Success, Televerde

2. Don’t Hate the Activity.

“If you’re constantly telling yourself how much you hate making calls, you need to rethink your job. Prospects can sense any disdain you have for what you’re doing, and this will never translate into a qualified lead or sales win. You need to change how you approach the activity. Think of every interaction as an opportunity to learn and become better at what you’re doing. This one small mind-shift will make a world of difference in how you come to work every day, how you approach each new dial, and how you inevitably deal with or process a failed attempt.”

Read more from Michelle at Televerde.com or visit her blog on calling tips.


Chad Burmeister, Founder & CEO, ScaleX.ai

3. Make a Referral Introduction.

Step 1: Connect to the prospect on LinkedIn (hint: there are technologies that can help you do this at scale)

Step 2: Use this opening line – “Hi Marge, this is Jourdan DuFort from ScaleX.ai. You connected with my boss, Chad Burmeister, on LinkedIn (pause for effect). Chad asked me to reach out. You may have received one of our messages, do you have a quick minute so I can tell you why we’re trying to get a hold of you?

Step 3: Be prepared for a 10 – 15% conversion rate from conversation to meeting (as long as you don’t suck on the phone)!

Learn more from Chad at scalex.ai.


Louie Bernstein, Founder, Sales Getters

4. Documentation for Every Call.

Sales reps come and go. You just don’t want them “going” with the knowledge of your prospects and customers notes, activities, contacts, meetings, etc., in their head never to be seen by your company again. Whatever CRM or sales automation system you use, you need to make sure your reps use it religiously. Every phone conversation, meeting, presentation, etc., needs to be documented in your system.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to send a Meeting Follow Up document after a presentation, strategy call, or demo. It should include who was present, what was discussed, and what the action items are for each party. Make sure those items get put in the CRM system as well.”

Learn more from Louie at sales-getters.com.


Steve Richard, CEO, ExecVision:

5. Button Up Questions.

This technique addresses the problem of needing to ask questions in the cold call but also not wanting to jeopardize the meeting by going too deep into discovery too soon.

After you have put the meeting on the calendar, say, “In order to make the best use of time do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?”

Unless the prospect has to run, they will always answer you. The reason this works is because of the law of consistency famously outlined in the book, Influence, by Robert Cialdini. Once someone says yes to one thing (a meeting, call, or Zoom), they are much more likely to say yes to the next thing (answering your qualification questions).

Steve also has a tip for finding cell numbers. Find cell numbers with this site: www.truepeoplesearch.com.

If you need more help, no worries! Check out Steve’s Call Camp webinars. Here’s one on The Secret to Setting Meetings that Stick!

Find more valuable information from Steve at execvision.io.


Barbara Giamanco, Founder & CEO, Social Centered Selling:

6. Don’t Call Blindly.

Do some homework and find ways to engage with your prospects by giving first before making your calls. LinkedIn is perfect for starting conversations that can lead to sales opportunities. For example, share an article about the prospect’s company and tag them in your post. Or, share an article or blog post they’ve written with your networks and mention them, so others will get to know who they are. People buy from people. Be human. Give first and your prospects are more likely to take your call!

Find more valuable information from Barbara at scs-connect.com or listen to her podcast Conversations with Women in Sales.

A Bonus Tip From RareAgent

RareAgent’s tip is to remember to keep a mirror at your desk … and SMILE!  Many people do not realize how bored, stressed, angry or unhappy they sound on the phone. It’s amazing how many more appointments you can set when you sound happy.

Calling in a Digital World is Doable

You can probably tell that there are plenty of ways to ensure your campaign is successful. As we move toward digital technology, skills, and techniques, you must stay sharp with your methods. Remember, calling creates demand generation like no other, and it’s not your grandfather’s old selling technique. It’s yours to adapt, mold, and push to prosperity.

Understand and dominate demand generation with these thoughtful tips from industry experts to get you started (or pull you out of a funk). Most of all, trust yourself. You’re equipped to handle every call, every opportunity, and every bit of demand. Without confidence, a calling campaign is just a game of phone tag. Bring your A-game to every situation, and you’ll find the success you deserve.

We hope you found a few new methods for your next campaign. Be sure to follow these sales leaders, read their material, and keep learning.

Now get off the internet and get calling!

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