We believe in creating success through excellent leadership. RareAgent is made up of an experienced group of telemarketing agents, marketers, writers, and overall successful thinkers. All of our campaigns are performed by handpicked agents with relevant experience. We train for each calling program, regardless of experience, to ensure success.

Keeping the teams wrapped tight is our leadership team:

Marge Wilcox

Marge is the CEO and Founder of RareAgent who has honed the skill of capturing attention, encouraging growth, and converting leads. Her social prospecting methods lead to results and executive contacting, including the Chairman of the Board of Federal Express, CEO of LinkedIn and Founder of Salesforce. Marge also provides valuable training in social selling, sales, and marketing best practices. For her dedication, she has been awarded AA-ISP’s Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals and 20 Women to Watch by SLMA.  You can enjoy her expertise on blogs like AA-ISP, LinkedIn, and Open for Business and Pipeliner CRM.

Larry Duckworth

Larry is a decorated Army veteran and has authored Primordial Leadership©, plus three Amazon ebooks.  He holds an MBA (with honors) and his coaching style is highly motivational.  He is a SOAR Selling instructor and has 35+ years under his belt as a serial C-level Marketing and Sales executive of private and public companies, along with having taught at three universities and for private equity.  His  hands-on experience about what works… and does not comes from being a principle in 16 M&A transactions (exits and acquisitions) and several capital attraction programs, including for private and public companies.

Trey Briggs

Trey Briggs is a writer, content marketer, and customer service professional. She brings a unique perspective to RareAgent with her firsthand knowledge on the “millennial” era (which she grew up in).  Writing is hard (seriously), yet she has worked with many genres and has written for each generation with ease.  In addition, she reverse mentored RareAgent’s leadership, so they could better relate to the needs of the younger leaders behind businesses today.  As a woman with a natural skill in writing, she helps businesses attack how to tell their stories head on and effectively. She crafts wonderful, authentic stories to engage leads and build brand loyalty. Using her entrepreneurial spirit she started a writing and content marketing business called Writing Wolves in 2014.