How We Do It

We implement our services within an intentionally designed program

Step 1 – Blueprint Planning
* Audience Segmentation will provide clear targets for all demand generation efforts, including segmentation, lead scoring, media preferences and buyer behaviors.
* Message Development includes mapping audience behavioral cues to key positioning statements tied to offerings, identify hot topics, and content gaps.
* Promotion Planning identifies, prioritizes and aligns a set of acquisition tactics to attract a target audience and drive registration.
* Conversion Planning will document the underlying org structure, business rules, and constraints that shape sales follow-up

Step 2 – Go-to-Market Messaging & Content Needs
* Conduct customer interviews, determine positioning language, and document content plan and campaign map.
* Identify essential content needed to promote your product and services. Content is delivered in the form of blogs, videos, case studies, landing pages, webinars and/or other content for use in campaigns

Step 3 – Campaigns
* Determine what campaigns to launch, management and reporting to both capture existing demand and create new demand, along with providing inside sales support to find and follow up on ideal customers

Step 4 – Analytics, KPIs and Reports
* Determine what analytics are needed, build reports and dashboards and recommend Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to create and track to determine effectiveness of campaigns.