Personas: If You Build Them, They Will Convert

Finding the right leads is a huge headache within many marketing teams and can cause an awesome amount of chaos. There’s just so much room for error. There will be times when you find yourself targeting leads that are unresponsive and irritated. Quite simply, you’re speaking to an audience that doesn’t need what you have and doesn’t know anyone that does. The targets you should be going after are there, no worries – you just have to perfect the art of actually speaking to them on their terms and in their language. This trouble doesn’t exist solely in your marketing team and their efforts – much of it has to do with the way they think of the leads in the first place. When your leads become numbers, your methods become a bit more robotic (that’s what robots understand, after all). You look to recreate and reuse tried and true methods that worked for other companies without getting to the actual heart of marketing. Great marketing is always preceded by this simple question:

Who am I speaking to, and what can I do to help them?


Buyer Personas: Marketing to People Instead of Numbers

It goes even deeper than that as you delve into the lives of your leads. Your daily marketing mantra should include a detailed vision of your buyer – who are they? While we’re asking questions, who are you? What do you have that your buyers can relate to – and this goes beyond your actual product or service. What do you do that your buyers can’t and how can you place yourself in front of them? How do you convince your leads that you are the answer to their problems (and, better yet, how do you find out what their problems are to begin with) and how do you find out who they are?

Two words, my friends: Buyer Personas.

A buyer persona is a mockup of your ideal client or their industry that covers pain points, social preferences, habits and hobbies, and what your company can do specifically to snatch their attention. This creates warm calls instead of cold calls, invigorating meetings, and targeted content that will draw your biggest fish out of the water for a nice wet handshake.


Why (and how) Should You Use Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas give your marketing team deep insight into who they’re marketing to. This opens up a variety of opportunities, including the opportunity to meet the right leads where they are most comfortable. You spend time and money on your lead generation – there’s no need to waste either on flimsy attempts to convert a brick wall.

Buyer Personas will cover a variety of topics that can be tailored to your company’s culture and needs, but they will most likely include:

  • Pain Points

What makes your dream leads grit their teeth at night? What problems hinder their business, hinder their emotional stability, drive them up the wall? Which of those problems fit into a solution you can reasonably deliver?

  • Preferred Media

Depending on whether your business is B2B or B2C, this might look very different. What is the preferred media that your leads use to get and give information? This can be anything from blogs, podcasts, whiteboard animations, whitepapers, etc. A list of preferred social media and hashtags does wonders as well.

  • Motivators

What makes your dream leads get up in the morning, go to work, and give it their best try? Why do they do what they do, when they do it? Knowing what motivates your leads, and what you can do to help, gives your marketing team a huge advantage. Speaking to people on a level they can truly understand is always a plus, after all.


How Can Marketing Teams Utilize Buyer Personas?

Marketing can make the best of their time and efforts by pinpointing key attributes and pain points of potential leads and tailoring their efforts to hit those points. The goal is to make every call a warm call, every pitch a loaded one, and every ‘hello’ a greeting from an old friend. Your marketing team will use their crafted buyer personas to keep the biggest fact of any marketing campaign front and center: Your prospects, leads, and clients are all human. They all have something that piques their interests.

Since creating buyer personas is a creative method, it can be a very fun and culture-building activity. Your marketing team can get an enthusiastic, deep appreciation for the people they are trying to connect with and turn it into a team experience. It’s also important to use buyer personas specifically created for your company instead of one pre-created by someone else. You want the personas to feel personal and to address a number of personality and company points that fit your brand and needs to the letter.

There is also the option to outsource staff training to maximize effectiveness when you don’t have a skilled trainer on your team. It cuts down on costs dramatically while maintaining results. Outsourcing staff training can help you train for a specific task and stay focused without destroying your marketing budget. It gives you access to a certified specialist who can guide your team through the entire process, creating more potent buyer personas and ensuring better success for your marketing (and eventually sales) teams. Consider the benefits of deciding to outsource staff training and see if it fits into your company model and budget.


Buyer Personas Deliver Results

Marketing, no matter what anyone says, can be a difficult process when done blindly. It’s a practice that takes dedication, time, and a lot of study. Marketing without research is just shouting your website copy on a soapbox and getting nowhere.  You’re yelling to everyone that your business is worth it, but you’re doing nothing to prove that fact and prove it to the right audience. Take time to create fun and detailed buyer personas. You’ll start seeing the leads you’ve always dreamed of and the conversions that help you sleep at night.
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Trey Briggs

Trey Briggs is the VP of Creative Content for RareAgent, a digital marketing, training, and contacting agency. She spends much of her time watching words whiz by on a screen, figuring out which of those words attract better leads, and smiling way too hard.

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