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RareAgent offers a range of benefits, including specialized knowledge, objectivity, cost-effectiveness, access to best practices, and flexibility. These advantages make us attractive partners for companies seeking to improve their sales and marketing performance.

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RareAgent's experience and passion for crafting successful strategies empower us to breathe life into businesses, unlocking their full potential. Invite us to be part of your journey to success. We take pride in our experience and the outcomes that have propelled numerous companies and creative individuals to exceptional heights. Let's collaboratively script a tale of fruitful partnership!


In a world of rapid digital evolution, a well-crafted marketing strategy and understanding how to harness AI for marketing is the key to consistent success. RareAgent researches your company and dives into its values, audience, and competitors to devise a tailored plan that not only captures attention but also retains customers.


Compelling sales is an art RareAgent has mastered. By analyzing the sales process within your company, we pinpoint strengths and identify areas for improvement. Through a strategic approach to training and optimization, we aid your sales team in achieving remarkable results.

Niches (film, music etc…)

RareAgent shares your passion for the arts. Our founders marketing knowledge allows us to position your products in the dynamic realms of films and music. We know how to create captivating campaigns that highlight the uniqueness of your creations and captivate the attention of enthusiasts.

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Experience and professionalism


Personalized approach


Creativity and innovation


Transparency and openness


ROI-driven results

Consultation with RareAgent

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    Marge Martin, RareAgent CEO

    Marge founded RareAgent with the vision to help B2B companies open active dialogue with corporate accounts, by maximizing conversation effectiveness to speed up the marketing and sales cycle to improve top-line revenue and profit. She leads RareAgent with over 21 years of sales, marketing and executive management experience.

    With over 65 distinguished technology clients, RareAgent has demonstrated how effective communication transforms leads into revenue and profits. RareAgent has built their business by delivering supreme service. Previous experience at the Executive level provided Marge an opportunity to play an integral role in helping several start-up companies get acquired by McAfee, Sage Software, and Symantec.

    She was awarded 20 Women to Watch by Sales Lead Management Association and Top 25 Influential Inside Sales Professionals by American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

    What are we doing


    Create Messaging

    Craft messages that connect the influencers in your buying process.


    Start a content program

    Start a content program that uses written content, videos and live events to attract, engage, and gain trust with your perfect customers.


    Launch an appointment setting or inside sales program

    Launch an appointment setting or inside sales program to help you attract, engage and find new ideal customers.


    Revamp your website

    Turn your website into a valuable resource that engages your audience and leads to meaningful sales discussions.


    We thank our partners for their trust in "RareAgent"