Maximize Decision-Maker Cash Conversations...

that ensure more revenues in the door.


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Who said Millennials won't

pick up the phone?

Use expert tactics to get in touch with

any and every Generation

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Top of The Funnel Opportunities

More often, and at a lower cost.
Go after leads that bring
the best revenue, every time.

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Know Your Buyers

We create and utilize Buyer Personas
to get you to the leads that matter.


SOAR Selling and
Social Media

A winning combination.

See how you can increase sales with social media.

Sales Training

We provide sales training that will provide the tools & knowledge needed to close deals quickly and efficiently.

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Calling Programs

We are more than just a cold call, we are SOAR Selling Certified! We can train you how to get in the door!

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Contacting Programs

Get to decision makers quicker and lower your costs at the same time with our in-depth contacting programs.

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Marketing Services

RareAgent can help market your brand with customized plans & marketing services using the latest tools & tricks.

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Is your business social enough?

Find out the true costs of prospecting and how to use social media to your advantage.


We Are SOAR Selling Certified!

We can train you and your sales team how to get across to decision makers in a B2B setting. The SOAR method of selling has been proven to help sales professionals make fewer calls, reach more executives, and set more appointments. This methodology uses a basic approach based in the mechanics and psychology of execution that can give sales professionals the ability to dial 10 leads and come into contact with 8 top level decision makers.
  • Learn how the SOAR methodology of selling can help your business.

We maximize connecting with C-level executives with up to 90% accuracy and increase appointment rates up to 147% over most sales teams.

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